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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this charger work with any USB-C device?
It works with most other compatible USB-C enabled smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.
However, depending on the ability of the device and the cable, 45W might not be fully utilized.
Please see the compatibility with Motorola phones and the maximum charge speed:
Up to 45W- Motorola One Hyper
Up to 27W- Moto G7 Plus
Up to 15W- Moto Z family, Moto G6, G6 Plus, G7, G7 Power, G7 Optimo Maxx, G7 Supra, G Power, G8, G8 Plus, X4, Motorola One, One Power, One Vision, One Zoom
Up to 10W- Moto G7 Play, G7 Optimo, G8 Play, G Stylus, Motorola One Action, One Macro
What are the output specs on this charger?
5V 4A (default)
9V 4A
15V 3A
20V 2.25A
The output depends on the ability of your device and the cable you use, so 45W might not be fully utilized.
Can this charger be used on a 220 volt outlet?
Yes, this charger has universal input, from 100 up to 240V.
Does this charger work with Moto G6, Moto G6 Plus, Moto G7 series and G8 series?
Yes. This charger works with USB-C devices. However, this charger will not deliver 45W power like it provides to Motorola One Hyper due to the G series phones mentioned can not draw 45W power. They can only ultilize 15W-18W of power.
What technology is this charger used for fast charging?
This charger uses PD 2.0 (power delivery) with PPS for fast charging.
Can this charger charge MacBooks?
This charger can charge Mac models that have USB-C port for charging.
If I replace the in-box cable with other cable?
You can use a USB-C certified cable. Most of the USB-C cables support 3A current. However, if your cable is not 5A E-marked chip included cable, the current transter will not be greater than 3A. That is, the power transfer would not reach max 45W even your devices is capable of taking 45W.
If I replace the short cable with a longer one (non-Moto), does it still activate turbo charge?
The short answer is, it depends on the length and the quality of the cable used. The original Motorola data cable was specifically designed for this charger, so you would have to do some experimentation to find out if a different cable would work. As cable length increases, it becomes necessary for thicker gauge power conductors to compensate for voltage drop. If the thickness of the gauge power conductor is not increased enough to compensate the voltage drop, the turbo charge will not activate. In addition, the cable needs to be 5Amp transfer with E-marked chip included to reach max 45W safe charging.
Can I use this same data/charge cable for transferring photos and other data from my Motorola phone to a computer?
Yes. The cable, which is included with the charger, is a full function USB 2.0 data cable that can transfer data between the phone and computer when connected.
Can I use this charger to charge my iphone that uses lightning port?
Yes. You would need to have a USB-C to lightning cable for charging. Since USB-C to lightning cable can only support max 3A current, your iPhone might be still able to do the fast charging but not 45W.