Frequently Asked Questions

How to verify if noise cancellation actually works?
- Use the NC headphones for around 2-5 minutes, listening to music in noisy environment
- Switch the NC function off
- The difference is immediately noticeable (background noises etc.)
What the Noise Cancelling feature can do?
- Lower listening fatigue thus allowing to enjoy music for a longer period of the time
- Reduce typical ambient noises; the sound of jet engines while you're flying, rumble from air conditioners, typical office chatter, commuter noise from a train/bus
What Noise cancelling feature cannot do?
- It will not make “the world go quiet” when you flip the switch
- It is not a noise safety device for construction workers
- Performance can be measured only when listening to music
What to do if a Bluetooth device discovers the left/right earpiece separately? (earpieces disconnected from each other)
1. On your Bluetooth device (e.g. Smartphone), go to the Bluetooth menu and remove the headset from the device list.
2. Turn off the Bluetooth function of your Bluetooth device.
3. Place the headphones in the charger.
4. Connect external power. It may not work without it.
5. Both earpieces flash white. Press and hold the function button on both earpieces for 4 seconds, until the earpieces flash white twice.
6. Turn on both earpieces, if they are not paired with each other there will be blue LED blinking and Bluetooth device will see every earpiece separately.
7. Press the function button on the left earpiece twice.
8. Press the function button on the right earpiece twice.
9. The Earpieces should now be pairing with each other -> There will be voice command: “Left channel”, “Right channel”. On the left earpiece, there will be a blue and white led blinking.
10. If not successful, start again from point 5