Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work with my vehicle?
Most vehicles with factory-supplied Android Auto support over USB will work with the Motorola MA1. Adapter compatibility depends on the automaker's specific implementation of USB and Android Auto; contact your vehicle manufacturer if you are unsure. Automotive brands known to be incompatible with the MA1 adapter include Mitsubishi Motors.
Does it work with my phone?
Most phone makes and models that shipped from the factory with Android 11 will work with the MA1 adapter. For detailed requirements, refer to the Google support page for wireless Android Auto at:
How do I get wireless Android Auto to start?
Refer to the User Guide for recommended setup steps. To connect wirelessly, your phone must first re-establish its Bluetooth connection to the vehicle's infotainment system for hands-free calling; this process is typically automatic. Try also toggling the 'Start wireless early' setting on your phone, under Settings > Connections > Android Auto.
How is the MA1 different from other wireless Android Auto adapters on the market?
The MA1 adapter employs Android Auto receiver technology, just as an automaker would, under license from Google. Users therefore enjoy an original equipment (OEM)-like user experience that improves over time as Google continues to enhance Android Auto.