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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of LED indicator?
• Standby: Blue flash
• Charging: Red steady
• Fully charged: Blue steady
• Battery low: Red flash
• ANC on: Orange steady (with 1 beep tone)
• ANC off: Orange off (with 2 beep tones)
How do I manage calls with my VerveLoop 500 ANC?
• Reject a call: Long Press - / +
• Re-dial last call: Long press +
• Receive incoming call and end ongoing call: Triple press MFB
• Receive incoming and on hold ongoing call: Press MFB
• Mute during call : Press - and +
How can I pair my VerveLoop 500 ANC with Bluetooth?
• Hold > for 4 seconds.
• Select “Verveloop 500” from the phone Bluetooth menu.